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Name: The Council shall be called the Newtownpark Parish Pastoral Council.
Objective: Under the guidance of the Guardian Angels, we seek to build up our Christian community by reaching out to people of all ages and all backgrounds, treating each person with respect and dignity. We are committed to supporting one another to be living witnesses of the Good News of Jesus Christ through communal worship, fellowship and service. In particular, the Council aims to gather the views and wisdom of parishioners and so develop pastoral planning in a fruitful dialogue between Pastors and the faithful in this parish and those in its pastoral area.
President: Parish Priest;
Ex officio members: The Parish Priest  and his nominees from those who by reason of their office are engaged in pastoral ministry, plus the chairperson of the parish finance committee.
Ordinary Members: baptised Catholics participating in the Parish who shall be nominated by parishioners and selected at meetings of the Council having regard to achieving a membership that is reflective of the parish as a whole. The places of members whose resignation is recorded in the minutes shall be filled for an agreed term at a subsequent meeting of the Council. Notice of any elections to the Council shall be given to the relevant constituency at least fourteen days before the vote.
Number of Members
The Council shall not comprise more than fifteen members these to include:
Ex officio members numbering in all no more than six;
Co-opted members selected by the Council on account of their special expertise, or to represent a specific group or groups in the parish;
Ordinary members whose number shall always exceed the number of the other classes of members enumerated above.
Tenure of Members
Ordinary members shall normally be elected for four years. Former members may be eligible to re-join the Council but only after a lapse of one year or more.
Co-opted members shall have the length of their tenure set when they are selected, but in no case should this exceed four years. 
Members, with the exception of ex officio members, who are absent from a half or more of the Council’s meetings in a year, without sending the Secretary a reasonable explanation, shall be deemed to have resigned.
Elected Office Holders
Chairperson shall be elected annually by the members of the Council from among the ordinary membership at the first meeting of the Council after the start of September each year. 
Hon. Secretary shall be elected annually by the members of the Council from among the ordinary membership at the first meeting of the Council after the start of September each year.
All members of the Council shall help achieve the Objectives of the Council including working with the other Councils in its pastoral area and remaining in communion with the Archbishop and the Archdiocese.
President, or his delegate: shall oversee the convening of meetings in conjunction with the Secretary and Chairperson. The President will also be responsible for liaison with the archdiocese and the wider community, as well as supporting members of the Council in their continual formation as effective members of the Council.
Chairperson: shall chair meetings of the Council.
Secretary: shall draft meeting agendas for review with the President and Chairperson, shall take minutes of meetings, attend to correspondence and distribute agendas, minutes and other relevant documentation to members. The Secretary shall also liaise with secretaries of Pastoral Councils of parishes withing the Pastoral Area and with in other relevant groups.
At least four meetings of the Council shall be held between the start of September in one year and the next. The quorum would comprise at least the President, or his delegate, and four other members. 
Each year at an assembly of parishioners the Parish Priest will provide an opportunity for the Chairperson, or a delegate, to report on the work of the Council.
Amendments: Proposals to amend this Constitution shall be put to a vote of the Council, or Parish Assembly, provided they are circulated to the relevant constituency at least 14 days prior to the meeting. If agreed they will then be submitted to the Archbishop for approval.
Approval:  These Statutes approved by Archbishop Diarmuid Martin