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Recent parish activities designed to meet needs expressed at the ‘Listening Meeting’ include the following. Indeed many of these were initiated or sustained by the Parish Pastoral Council in the light of what parishioners said there.


  • Publication of the Initial Pastoral Development Plan;
  • Volunteer recruitment fair;
  • Party for Volunteers, 14th February 2014.


  • Support for Parish of Guardian Angels Community Association;
  • Transport to Mass offer - Parish Quarterly & Sunday Letters;
  • PPC section on Parish website with information on PPC and its work;
  • Report on the year September 2012 to August 201;3
  • Crosscare ‘Connections’ programme;
  • Garda Band Concert, 20th February 2014;
  • Book Club initiated.

Prayer and Liturgy

  • Mass Readings Group established;
  • Mass for those who received their First Holy Communion or were Confirmed in the past year;
  • ‘Stay and Pray a while’ area for prayer at side altars;
  • Lighting in the church: new lights installed;
  • Microphones: new set installed;
  • Loop system to link with hearing aids: new signs to inform;
  • Greeting of Mass-goers;
  • Gospel choir established;
  • November Mass for parishioners who had died during the past year;
  • Gospel Choir Christmas Mass;
  • Celebratory Sunday Mass for all baptised in the parish in the past year;
  • Week of Guided Prayer.

Education and Formation

  • Good News Stand with faith related books;
  • Catechism of the Catholic Church: Pastoral Area joint programme;
  • November talks;
  • Adult faith development programme, September and October 2013;
  • Evening of reflection for Ministers of the Eucharist and of the Word;


  • A ‘Parish Welcome Pack’ for every one arriving in the Parish;
  • Support line for housebound people: 1850 440 444 in the Sunday Letter;
  • Invitation to All Saints Church of Ireland to the ‘November talks’ with a reciprocal invitation to their Christmas Carols.